Food 3.0

Food 3.0

What will we eat tomorrow?
They aim to put an end to intensive agriculture and cruel animal farming, both of which are toxic for the environment.
They also intend to solve the problems of obesity, malnutrition and hunger around the world.
Raised in a world where taboos don’t exist, and convinced of their ability to save the world, thanks to their original ideas, the stars of Silicon valley are now targeting the food production market.
So what’s on the menu? Artificial eggs, meat grown in vitro, non-perishable foods, ultra-nourishing drinks, insect-based flours, etc…
Behind these projects are some of the most powerful internet-economy magnates: Bill Gates (Microsoft), Peter Thiel (PayPal), Evan Williams (Twitter), or Sergey Brin (Google)…
Believing they can change the world, and benefitting from bottomless funding, they are investing billions in the food industry, much as they have done in new technologies.
But what are such potential products really worth? Are they as good for us as they claim? And as beneficial for our budgets and for the planet?

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Director(s) : Jean Baptiste Erreca et Guilhem Rondot

Author(s) : Louise Girard et Claire Lefebvre

Year : 2017

Duration : 3x43 minutes

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