The Secret Life of the Spectacled Bear

The Secret Life of the Spectacled Bear

The Secret Life of the Spectacled Bear
On the high Andean plateaus lives the spectacled bear, the most mysterious plantigrade on the planet. For the first time, a team of Ecuadorian researchers is trying to understand the last species of ursidae in South America. On the trail of two females and their cubs, biologists uncovered the astonishing behavior of a bear that does not hibernate and whose agility allows it to evolve in the trees. Threatened, their range is shrinking due to the expansion of crops, while conflicts with farmers are becoming more frequent. To protect the spectacled bear, Andres Laguna and his assistant Danilo Vasquez will encourage the protection of the species through the creation of corridors and ecological, awareness of mountain populations and the translocation of overly adventurous animals.

Partner(s) : USHUAIA, Cábala Producciones,Toisan Film

Broadcaster(s) : ARTE, USHUAIA

Director(s) : Philippe Molins

Author(s) : Philippe Molins

Year : 2020

Duration : 52 minutes

Festival(s) :
Official selection at the  "Nature without borders international film festival 2020" and "Wildlife conservation film festival" 2020

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