Car wars

Car wars

Until today, car manufacturers have ruled over the empire of the gasoline car. Today, they are facing several revolutions that threaten their supremacy in the world’s largest consumer market. In the face of environmental emergencies, the electric vehicle is essential. The race for the autonomous car, initiated by new players, led by Tesla, has begun. Will historical car manufacturers be disrupted, through the same mechanism as music or commerce? More and more consumers are abandoning the car, which is increasingly seen as a thread, a hindrance rather than a freedom… The Uber and other VTCs recover the disappointments of the car and each other in the race. In this competition for tomorrow’s car, who will stay on track when the digital tsunami is over? From San Francisco to Beijing, via Berlin and Paris, this journey in the automotive world tries to see more clearly.

Partner(s) : Golden Bridge Media (Chine)

Broadcaster(s) : France 5

Director(s) : Véronique Préault et Guy Beauché

Author(s) : Véronique Préault

Year : 2018

Duration : 70 minutes

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