Karaoke, the enchanted machine

Karaoke, the enchanted machine

From Manila to Tokyo, from Barcelona to Berlin, this movie ” Karaoke, the enchanted machine ” redraw the history of the phenomenon karaoke.
Appeared at the beginning of the 70s in Japan, the machine to sing developed beyond the Japanese borders to embrace other cultures. Its followers count by millions, certain singers of karaoke quarrel even every year the title of champion of the World.
The karaoke it is a prosperous industry of several billion euros, a key element of a shape of global, young and trendy popular culture. In 2014, the karaoke is not square any more.

Partner(s) : Rappi Productions

Broadcaster(s) : Arte, France 4

Director(s) : Thomas Cazals

Year : 2014

Duration : 60 minutes

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