A question of Color

A question of Color

For hundreds of years, the color of human skin was used as control of the race to which we belong. Today, science is to explore the complex relationship between skin color and the environment. When our ancestors in equatorial Africa have lost their hair and ventured into the bush, their dark skin had become hard to resist UV radiation. Perfectly adapted to the environment, the skin black Africans is one of the greatest achievements of nature for the survival of mankind.
This may seem new, but in 2000, anthropologist Nina Jablonski of Penn State University has proposed a new explanation for why the amazing human skin has so many colors.

By focusing on innovative research and personal accounts of scientists around the world, this documentary reveals that the evolution of skin color is only an adaptation to the environment. It conveys a powerful message: judge people based on the color of their skin is not only morally unacceptable, it is also scientifically false.

Broadcaster(s) : Arte

Director(s) : Franco Di Chiera

Author(s) : Barbara Bernardini, Greg Colgan, Franco Di Chiera

Year : 2010

Duration : 52 minutes

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