Sand Wars

Sand Wars

Sand Wars is a surprising investigation into one of the most consumed natural resources on the planet. Sand is the source of silicon dioxide, a mineral found in wines, cleaning products, paper, dehydrated foods, toothpaste,cosmetics and an astounding variety of other products. Houses, skyscrapers, bridges, and airports are all partially comprised of sand. Due to the high demand the planet’s reserves are being threatened. Three-quarters of the world’s beaches are in decline and bound to disappear as victims of erosion or of sand smuggling. Triggered by building construction, bands of smugglers, or “sand mafias,” plunder beaches and rivers for this highly prized commodity. Sand Wars takes us around the world to witness this new gold rush firsthand.

Partner(s) : Rappi Productions, InformAction, Arte

Broadcaster(s) : Arte, Télé Quebec

Director(s) : Denis Delestrac

Author(s) : Denis Delestrac

Year : 2013

Duration : 74 minutes

Festival(s) :
- EKO Film 2013 (Czech Republic): Best movie in category Inspiration
- Sishuan TV Festival 2013 (China): Gold Panda for Best Nature & Environment Protection Award
- Barcelona International Environmental Film Festival 2013 (Spain): Golden Sun - Best documentary
- Japan Prize NHK 2013 (Japan): 2nd Prize - Welfare Education Category
- Festival du Film Vert 2014 (Switzerland): Switzerland Greenpeace Prize
- San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival 2014 (USA California): Environment Award
- Banff World Media Festival 2014 (Canada): Rockie Award for Best Environmental and Wildlife Program
- Prix Gémeaux 2014 (Canada): Award for best Documentary – Nature & Science Category
- Wild & Scenic Film Festival 2015 (USA California): John de Graaf Environmental Filmmaking Award with Honorable Mention
- Green Me Festival 2015 (Germany): Soil Award

- GreenFilmFest (Buenos Aires)
- Filmabiante (Rio de Janeiro)
- Environmental Film Festival (Melbourne)
- Festiver Environmental Film Festival (Santander)
- Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival (Kuala Lumpur)
- Hawaii International Film Festival (Hawaii)
- Planet in Focus (Toronto)
- Orlando Film Festival (Orlando)
- Washington Environmental Film Festival (Washington)
- 3rd Ecofalante Environmental Film Festival (Sao Paulo)
- IFFP Patmos Festival
- Flimmergarten Filmfest (Leipzig)

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