Secret Migrations

Secret Migrations

During the four 52-minute episodes that make up this “Secret Migrations” series, we will travel across Europe alongside migratory animals of exceptional endurance.

Our migrants sometimes weigh only a few grams or even less, they are sometimes totally inexperienced, yet they do not hesitate to engage in real odysseys.

In the company of the best specialists of each species, we will discover the surprising journeys of these migrants, the routes they take and reveal the surprising characteristics of their migrations.

How can the Beautiful Lady, a butterfly weighing less than a gram, embark on a journey of several thousand kilometres each year?
What happens during the journey of Nathusius’ little pipistrelle bat, and why is its migration a key moment in its life cycle?
What are the dangers that the young falcons of Eleonora, who have never migrated before, will have to overcome and who will embark alone on a journey of more than 10,000 kilometres?
Why, finally, do some black-headed warblers no longer migrate south in the fall, but north?

The transmitters, now miniaturized, satellite tracking, DNA analysis, reveal unsuspected behaviours that are essential to the survival of these unknown highly migratory species.

Partner(s) : Curiosity Stream, Ushuaïa TV, du CNC, et du programme Europe Creative de l'Union Européenne.

Broadcaster(s) : ARTE, RTBF, Curiosity Stream

Director(s) : Alexis de Favitski et Benoît Demarle

Author(s) : Joël Leyendecker-Maréchal Marianne Jestaz

Year : 2019

Duration : 4 x 43 minutes minutes

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