Streetosphere – Lisbonne

Streetosphere – Lisbonne

Cities as never seen before, urban culture at its best and most surprising aspects

A 26 minutes series to discover cities, through their urban culture.

Street golf in Paris? Roof gardening in Barcelona? Party Tram in Berlin?

Unknow people, places and activities seen from the point of view of 2 directors- All though never seen talking to the camera (to ensure the international aspect of the series), they will guide us in this amazing discovery of today’s urban culture.

Street’o’sphere is an unusual kind of city-guide. Our guides will make the audience discover the vivid urban culture of big cities. Our main characters willk be the main players of this urban culture and we will discover that there are as many urban cultures as big cities and each of them has its own playground.

Lien Blog Streetosphere :

Partner(s) : Voyage

Broadcaster(s) : Voyage

Director(s) : Quentin Largouët et Tanguy Malibert

Author(s) : Quentin Largouët et Tanguy Malibert

Year : 2011

Duration : 26 minutes

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