”On Tchiloli days, I put on my minister of justice attire and speak harshly to Charlemagne”. This line is from Tchiloli, the only play which takes place in Sao Tomé and Principe, a tiny independant republic in the middle of the Atlantic. It celebrates all of the important events in the life of the Sao Toméans. This performance, with a subtle combination of anti-colonialist criticism and irony, is highly protestive. For centuries, the islanders have identified with Valdevinos, Charlemagne’s son and with the Duke of Mantua’s family. They crave for justice and, thanks to these performances, they have time and time again witnessed the death of colonial authority.
Africa – Communally – Actor

Partner(s) : France 3

Broadcaster(s) : France 3

Director(s) : Sophie Bontemps

Author(s) : Catherine Abecassis

Year : 1995

Duration : 13 minutes