The Cleaner

The Cleaner

Heavy metal loving Donovan Tavera is a ‘forensic cleaner’ who maintains his family by cleaning up after the murdered and the dead across Mexico City. This innovative feature, mixing verite documentary and surreal animations centres around the extraordinary Mexican citizen Donovan, and his struggle to find happiness despite his bloody work.  A surreal and ultimately inspiring story that gives a very personal insight into the soaring ‘violencia’ and the balancing act between life and death in modern Mexico.

Partner(s) : Native Voice Film - Gravedad Cero

Broadcaster(s) : France 2 - TV Unam

Director(s) : Phil Cox

Author(s) : Phil Cox

Year : 2021

Duration : 60 min minutes

Festival(s) :
(Français) Official selection  DocsMX 2021 Festival

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