The Iron Curtain’s Secret Wars

The Iron Curtain’s Secret Wars

From the Cold War to the invasion of Ukraine, the Soviet Union – like Russia today – has always conducted covert operations against the West.

During the Communist era, Moscow relied heavily on the secret services of Eastern European countries such as Czechoslovakia.

Thanks to the opening of the archives of the Czech Services, the documentary brings exclusive information on the role of Prague in the service of Moscow for more than 40 years.
Sales of arms and explosives to Egypt, to the Algerian FLN or to Khadafi, support to Cuban guerrillas, bombing in Strasbourg in 1957, but also revelations on the personality of Mehdi Ben Barka, the Moroccan opponent assassinated in 1965. And even the Euromissile crisis.

Through these declassified documents and the exceptional testimonies of former spies and Czech historians, we discover how under the authority of Moscow were conducted operations of subversion, propaganda and destabilization of Western powers.

This documentary sheds light on the attitude of Moscow and its former allies in the East, who today have distanced themselves from Russia’s expansionist policy.

Partner(s) : ARTE, CZ Televise, Histoire, RTBF, Constance Films

Broadcaster(s) : ARTE, CZ Televise, Histoire, RTBF

Director(s) : Andrea Sedlackova

Author(s) : Karel Prokop

Year : 2022

Duration : 52 minutes

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