A window on the body

A window on the body

“Papers, Please!”
This request, made so often in our societies in the name of security, will soon be completely outmoded, perhaps even quaint. With progress in the field of biometrics and all the technological fields that allow us to observe, measure, record, capture, stock, analyze, and compare personal information, it’s our whole body itself that might become our identity cards: a “body identity.”

It all started with anthropometric photography and finger printing, and today every new step forward can be used for identification, down to our very cells. The information gathered is becoming more and more precise, beyond what we may even know of ourselves.

What is this information that our body gives away, sometimes without our even knowing it? What technology will allow us to “capture” and analyse it ? Is it truly reliable and/or falsifiable ?
“A Window on the Body” looks at all of these questions, summarizing all that already exists in the field of biometrics and all the innovations and evolutions that are to be expected in the near to distant future. The film will be careful to distinguish false beliefs and paranoia from all that truly menaces individual liberties.

Partner(s) : Productions Nova Media - France Télévisions - TV5 Québec Canada

Broadcaster(s) : France 5 - TV5 Québec Canada

Director(s) : Patrice Desenne et Bernard Jourdain

Author(s) : Patrice Desenne - Bernard Jourdain - Louise Girard

Year : 2012

Duration : 52 minutes

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