The Warrior Kings of Sibéria

The Warrior Kings of Sibéria

Deep in the Russian Arctic archaeologists unearth the remains of a mysterious underground bunker. Inside they find the frozen remains of an entire Samoyed clan, each one violently murdered. What fearsome enemy drove them into hiding and then drove metal blades through their skulls?

The trail of this mystery of history takes us from 16th-century Tsarist archives to today’s Siberian wilderness. The native people of the Great North are commonly seen as peaceful reindeer herders. But this forensic examination of the evidence reveals a very different story. Who dealt the final blow to the warrior-king Karetchaya?

Partner(s) : Arte, CNC et A Plus Image 3

Director(s) : Benoît Ségur

Author(s) : Benoît Ségur

Year : 2013

Duration : 52 minutes

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