France (4)

France (4)

An astonishing tour of France, in which Philippe Gougler, our guide, invites us to meet charismatic, offbeat, surprising and happy characters!

Mauritius is nicknamed the “yogi of the extreme”. He is 84 years old. Every day since 1956, he has been running naked, barefoot, in the forest or on snowshoes in the mountains. He takes cold baths there, even in the icy ponds in winter. Thanks to the cold, he has found exaltation and stands straight like a fir tree. The cold brings him inner warmth, and keeps him in shape!

Philippe is a cow breeder from Salers in Cantal. Margot is more than her favorite cow; she is her partner and collaborator. He can’t bear the thought of her going to the slaughterhouse. With her, he dances and performs with a cellist. His choreography is entitled “Tango Cow”, an artistic way of expressing his point of view against intensive breeding with poetry.

Michel is nicknamed “the coureur des bois”. He spends at least 30 nights a year sleeping in the forest to be as close as possible to nature and animals. He can spend 13 hours sitting in a tree to observe the deer, he has learned to think like them and can communicate with them. He “calls” them during the brame period, the mating season. For the second year, he is participating in the deer slab imitation championship at the Parc Animalier de Sainte-Croix.

Partner(s) : MFP

Broadcaster(s) : Planète + Thalassa

Director(s) : Philippe Gougler

Year : 2015

Duration : 52 minutes