An astonishing tour of France, in which Philippe Gougler, our guide, invites us to meet charismatic, offbeat, surprising and happy characters!

Nicolas is a biodynamic winegrower. 30 years ago everyone thought he was a hippie; today he is a hero. Its wines are sold all over the world. He uses the energies of the sky to energize his vines. For him, everything is about vibrations. He uses no pesticides, no weedkillers. Instead, he spreads the preparations he makes on the vine or buries them in the ground, according to the lunar calendar: preparations made from chamomile flowers and cow intestines, cow horns filled with dung, or oak bark in an animal skull.

Sylvain is a knight. Champion of full medieval contact, he is the leader of the “Les Hommes du Nord” team. He fights in armor, with swords, spears and other historically compliant weapons. Behind this 2.10-metre, 130-kg ice cabinet lies a sensitive and tender soul. A magnetizer helps him get rid of his overflowing tensions and emotions as he prepares for the tournament to defend his French Championship title.

After studying political science and international relations, then a town councillor, Margaux created the Café des Chats. In this tea room and restaurant, a dozen cats live in freedom. All have been adopted into animal welfare associations and find a second chance here. Margaux monitors the diet of each of her cats, she pampers them as she pampers her customers. Some cats are on a diet, but always treated like princes. They have the right to do what they want, except to serve themselves on customers’ plates.


Partner(s) : MFP

Broadcaster(s) : Planète + Thalassa

Director(s) : Philippe Gougler

Year : 2015

Duration : 52 minutes