Snowden’s great escape

Snowden’s great escape

Edward Snowden is the most wanted man on earth.
How did he managed to escape from worldwide man hunt led by the most powerful secret services of the planet ?
The fi lm is the real fairy tale of how a small group took on the biggest power in the world – and won.
It is rare to have a real modern story that so vividly resembles David and Goliath.

Partner(s) : DR, NDR, WDR - Avec le soutien de Planète+ CI, SVT, NRK, RTS, Ghost VFX, Nordvision

Broadcaster(s) : Planète + Crime Investigation, VPRO (Netherlands), RUV TV (Iceland), Radio Telefis Eireaann ( Ireland), Ylesradio Oy (Finland), Latvian Public TV (Latvia), Public Television Service Foundation (Taiwan), Telewizja Polska S.A., TVO 1 (Canada), VRT (Belgium), SBS Australia

Director(s) : Poul Erik Heilbuth, John Goetz

Author(s) : Poul Erik Heilbuth, John Goetz

Year : 2015

Duration : 52 minutes

Festival(s) :
- 2015 German Television Award for best documentary (DEUTSCHEN AKADEMIE FÜR FERNSEHEN)

- International competition FIPA 2015
- International competition FIGRA 2015

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