Last of the Elephant Men

Last of the Elephant Men

Some of the last elephant owners in Cambodia attempt to save the animal at the center of their society. For centuries, the Bunong indigenous people of Eastern Cambodia lived with elephants, depending on them for every aspect of life.
Now with the forest around them threatened by logging and mining companies, both the Bunong and the elephant face a desperate struggle to survive. Last of the Elephant Men follows three generations of elephant owners as they attempt to save the animal at the heart of their identity.
Filmed over several years, Last of the Elephant Men is an elegy for the domestic elephant in Asia and a plea to protect the remaining wild population. From pristine wilderness and isolated villages to the iconic temples of Angkor and the bustling streets of Phnom Penh, the film reveals an intimate portrait of Cambodia’s disintegrating heritage, remarkable human-animal interaction, and an indigenous people trying to find solutions to universal problems.

Partner(s) : InformAction - La Compagnie des Taxi-Brousse

Broadcaster(s) : TV5 Canada - France 5

Director(s) : Daniel Ferguson et Arnaud Bouquet

Author(s) : Daniel Ferguson et Arnaud Bouquet

Year : 2014

Duration : 85 minutes

Festival(s) :
AWARDS: - Best documentary’s AWARD in the “Portraits” category at the International Documentary Film Festival of Mexico – DocsDF
- AWARDS for best feature and best editing at Jeevika: Asia Livelihood Documentary Festival.
- GOLDEN SUN Best feature-length documentary’s AWARD at FICMA of Barcelone
- Best Feature Film Award on super Big Sky Documentary Film Festival
- Best Cinematography in a Feature Length Documentary Award on CANADIAN SCREEN AWARD
- Best documentary feature at the Cambodia Town Film Fest in California
- 4 Gémeaux Awards (Best documentary: Nature, Science and Environment - Best Photography - Best Sound - Best Original Score)

- Festival Hot Docs (Toronto)
- Journées du Film Engagé d’Alger (Alger)

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