Moon, the battles of space

Moon, the battles of space

Fifty years ago, the race for the moon was a another expression of the Cold War. Today, our satellite is more than ever the magnifying mirror of terrestrial stakes.
A new geopolitics of space is emerging, marked by the predominance of the economic prism. The idea of an economy of the Moon develops, of which the tenors of the private sector have made their new El Dorado. China, emerging countries, Europe, USA…

It is urgent to decipher who are the actors of this new race for space, and what are the economic and geostrategic stakes, sometimes far away from the noble dreams of space exploration.

Partner(s) : ARTE G.E.I.E

Broadcaster(s) : Arte, MULTICANAL IBERIA, S.L.U., Radio Television Hong Kong, Global Eagle Entertainment, Inc, Discovery, AETN

Director(s) : Véronique Préault

Year : 2019

Duration : 52 minutes

Festival(s) :
Festival du Film scientifique de la Réunion 2019

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