The Test, Chronicle of an initiation

The Test, Chronicle of an initiation

A boy paddles a canoe out to sea to fish tuna in a test of his manhood and the future of a community in THE TEST.
This 52 minute observational documentary follows the revival of a traditional fi shing initiation ritual not practiced in over 30 years in Makira province, Solomon Islands.
When 15-year-old ERNEST paddles his canoe out to sea he does not know if he will come back a man or a boy.
He must balance the canoe, over the waves, paddling for hours to reach the open sea, with sharks beneath and an uncertain sky overhead. Then he must catch one of the fastest fi sh in the world.

Partner(s) : Sukwadi Media

Broadcaster(s) : France 0, 1ères

Director(s) : Adilah Dolaiano

Author(s) : Adrain Maka, Anouk Ride

Year : 2014

Duration : 52 minutes

Festival(s) :
FIFO 2015

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