Voyage of the continents – Season 2 – Collection

Voyage of the continents – Season 2 – Collection

This second series of 5 x 52min tells the animated story of the genesis of our continents. This real waltz of land masses sculptures our landscapes. Il will take us this time in Africa and in Americas.
Since its formation, there is 4,55 billion years, our Earth is submitted to strengths of an incredible power. The earth’s crust is in perpetual evolution, redrawing indefatigably the world map.
Continents assemble and part, victims of collisions and tearings. Perceptible movements through earthquakes, through volcanic raids and through tsunamis.
In this ” tectonic waltz ” of lands and seas, real geologic epic, we follow passionate and fascinating scientists. With them, we travel more than a billion years all over the world to reconstitute the puzzle of our continents and understand the indefatigably sculptured grand landscapes.

Partner(s) : Arte France

Broadcaster(s) : Arte France, Discovery Asie, Ushuaia TV

Director(s) : Alexis de Favitski

Author(s) : François Michel, Maurice Ribière, Marianne Cramer

Year : 2014

Duration : 5x52 minutes

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