Voyage of the continents – Season 2 – North America

Voyage of the continents – Season 2 – North America

North America from the Far North to the Utah Desert, from the Rockies to the Valley of Death, contains sites on a continental scale, one of the oldest great North on Earth if not the oldest, as Don Francis hopes to confirm. Then, after a life in common with the future Europe, North America became independent when the North Atlantic Ocean opened up. Mountains common to these two continents were partly on one side and Paul Olsen compared them, and when they separated, the two continents took on their share of dinosaurs. Species that have evolved on their own, but for North Americans, the “Great Plains” is an ideal giant cemetery. Pushed by the Atlantic, the continent collided with the Pacific. As a result, mountains: Sierra Nevada, Rocky Mountains, Allen Glazner ignores erosion to imagine what these colossuses were like when they were formed, but North America is a living continent. In its heart, the Yellowstone volcano spits fumaroles and geysers before, who knows, erupting under the watchful eye of Henry Heasler National Park geologist and Jamie Farrell’s sensors. But certainly closer to the rupture is the San Andrea fault that is tearing the West of the United States… Soon on a geological scale Los Angeles could be an island off San Francisco.

Partner(s) : Arte France

Broadcaster(s) : Arte France, Discovery Asie, Ushuaia TV

Director(s) : Alexis de Favitski

Author(s) : François Michel, Maurice Ribière, Marianne Cramer

Year : 2014

Duration : 52 minutes

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