Voyage of the continents – Season 2 – South America

Voyage of the continents – Season 2 – South America

South America is a territory of contrasts and excesses. It is home to the world’s longest mountain range, the largest rainforest, the most powerful river, the driest desert and the greatest biodiversity on the planet, the heart of the country is home to the oldest geological structure on the continent, the tepuys as they were once called by the Indians and now by geologists such as Nelson Joachim Reis, and then the future South America has gathered with other lands and separated from them at least three times…

So since when can we talk about South America? For Martin Bailey Pepper since 900 million years and this because all the stones of all the rivers of the continent are found on this date… He checked this by riding 50,000 kilometres on a motorcycle, remembering the last collision between South America and Gondwana, Renata Schmitt’s field of study, Sugar Loaf sits on Rio, just as others have remained in Africa where Nicole Ulrich works, while South America today is the Andes, a special mountain range as Thierry Sempere explains. As for the Amazonian forest, it is the tectonics that has made it the largest forest of today and the one with the greatest diversity, an infinite hunting ground for Pierre Olivier Antoine.

Partner(s) : Arte France

Broadcaster(s) : Arte France, Discovery Asie, Ushuaia TV

Director(s) : Alexis de Favitski

Author(s) : François Michel, Maurice Ribière, Marianne Cramer

Year : 2014

Duration : 52 minutes

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