Voyage of the Continents / Asia: The tectonic of life and death

Voyage of the Continents / Asia: The tectonic of life and death

Asia is separating in pieces. This process began tens of millions of years ago and we’ll meet geologists at the forefront of this phenomenon. Bit by bit, centimeter by centimeter great sections of the continent are progressively pulling away from its core. Tibet is rapidly moving towards the East while the Indochinese Peninsula is pushing towards the south. The audience follows these specialists deep into the Asian bowels to discover how two major faults are responsible for this cutstanding phenomenon. They discover the traces of four major earthquakes that struck the continent in recent times, a direct result of these great tectonic waltzes.

The Indonesian domain reveals that it is actually one great continental crust rather than independent islands. By studying the rich fossils found in the rocks, geologists are now discovering that the changing of continental and oceanic levels allowed very diverse fauna to migrate between the islands all through geological time.

Partner(s) : Arte & Ideacom International

Broadcaster(s) : Arte

Director(s) : Christopher Hooke & Yanick Rose

Author(s) : Christopher Hooke & Yanick Rose

Year : 2012

Duration : 43 minutes

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