Voyage of the continents: Europe – A Turbulent Future

Voyage of the continents: Europe – A Turbulent Future

Europe: A Turbulent Future will take the audience back to the birth of the Alps. The traditional “Cristalier” clans who have been unearthing crystal for centuries explain to us how these huge summits evolved over a period of millions of years. Retrieving these gems requires huge risks ans fatalities occur every year in treacherous mountain fissures.

In Corsica, particles of rare rock fragments reveal that the magnetic North pole has actually reversed itself hundreds of times since the birth of the Earth. By following a magnetic trail geologists deduct the itinerary of huge continental pieces through ancient times.

On the floor of the Mediterranean sea a two-kilometre-thick salt deposit is unveiled… comprehensive investigation leads researchers to understand that just a few million years ago the Mediterranean was actually a vast desert! And that it took a few years to become the sea that we know today ! Some marine geologists think that the whole cycle is beginning again.

Partner(s) : Arte & Ideacom International

Broadcaster(s) : Arte

Director(s) : Christopher Hooke & Yanick Rose

Author(s) : Christopher Hooke & Yanick Rose

Year : 2012

Duration : 43 minutes

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