Becoming a Marine

Becoming a Marine

On the harbour of Toulon, six young students of the French Navy are about to join the prestigious Joan of Arc Mission and see their lives change.

It is only at the end of a 155-day initiatory trip aboard the Mistral helicopter carrier that the aspirants will be able to wear the uniform of an officer of the French Navy. During this exceptional naval deployment, the students will discover their future profession up close to the battlefield, during life-size exercises.
Although they come from different backgrounds and experiences, they all share the same passion, that of the sea and the honor of representing and defending their country. On board, they all discover the reality of naval command and operations as they cruise through French territorial waters, from Toulon to the South Pacific. From the naval school in Brest to their first assignment, we share the daily life of these future naval officers and live with them all the challenges and difficulties encountered during their training.
An exclusive immersion aboard a Mistral command ship, during which we discover the dreams, career path and evolution of the future officers of the French Navy.
Between social issues and geopolitical situations in the world’s oceans, the Joan of Arc mission is also a reflection on a changing world and on an institution in perpetual evolution.

Broadcaster(s) : RMC Story

Director(s) : Jean-Marc Labrousse

Author(s) : Faustine Zanetta-Monti

Year : 2021

Duration : 70 minutes

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