90% of everything we consume comes from overseas,

the sea freight industry controls 95%

of all products shipped on the planet.


What is the real price of shipping? Who are the key players of this global industry? And overall, what is its impact on our lives and on the environment?
FREIGHTENED takes us behind the scenes to reveal the mechanics and perils of an all-but-visible industry that holds the key to our economy and the very model of our civilization.

Wings and Islands

Through the experience

of flight enthusiasts,

we will gain height!

  Broadcasting on France 5 on Sunday, Decmber 20th and 27th

From a few meters to several hundred meters above the ground, we embrace the most beautiful landscapes of the pacific jewels
of French Polynesia.
Our guides are experts and will offer us breathtaking pictures.
Using plane, glider, parachute… Let’s fly, jump, glide and spin around, from island to island.

GOLDEN SUN best feature-length documentary at FICMA (Barcelona)

Last of the elephant men has won his 4th award after :

Best feature and best editing at Jeevika (New Delhi)

best documentary’s AWARD at DocsDF (Mexico)

  Duration 85min, Directors Daniel Ferguson, Arnaud Bouquet

Some of the last elephant owners in Cambodia attempt to save the animal at the center of their society.

For centuries, the Bunong indigenous people of Eastern Cambodia lived with elephants, depending on them for every aspect of life. Now with the forest around them threatened by logging and mining companies, both the Bunong and the elephant face a desperate struggle to survive.


This documentary shows how an ancient art tradition

is influencing modern research, including medicine, the automotive industry and space exploration.

  Broadcasting on France 5 on Saturday, August 29th

As we will meet fascinating artists, scientists, designers and engineers and their passion to origami, the fi lm will explore the beauty of mathematics and geometry and their role in nature and in our everyday life.

Au p'tit bonheur la France - Saison 4

Once more, Philippe Gougler invites us to follow him in a surprising Tour de France

on the meeting of men and women often charismatic,

resolutely offbeat and happy!


During this new season, we shall have to meet Maurice, the yogi of the extreme, with Philippe who dances with cows on the beautiful trays of Cantal or still with Michel nicknamed " le coureur des bois " since he spends around thirty nights a year to sleep under the stars in forest to hear to inhale the nature and the animals there.

Snowden's great escape

This documentary is David and Goliath's modern version,

The story of a manhunt: that of Edward Snowden

the most sought man of the United States


Selected to the BANFF WORLD MEDIA FESTIVAL which will take place in Canada from 7 till 10 June 2015.


Charlie Hebdo is NOT dead

we are all Charlie

  I AM

On January the 7th, 2015, some criminal fundamentalists have attempted to kill a symbol of freedom of speech.
We would like to express our condolences to the families and say loud and clear that we have nothing but contempt for these bastards that think murder is a way to erase drawings
Charlie Hebdo is not dead
We are Charlie

Sand Wars

Sand Wars is a surprising investigation into

one of the most consumed natural resources on the planet

Sand is the source of silicon dioxide, a mineral found in wines, cleaning products, paper .....

  Duration 74 minutes , Director Denis Delestrac

Houses, skyscrapers, bridges, and airports are all partially comprised of sand. Due to the high demand the planet’s reserves are being threatened. Three-quarters of the world’s beaches are in decline and bound to disappear as victims of erosion or of sand smuggling...