Moon Wars

Broadcasted by ARTE on july the 18th 2019

directed by Véronique Préault


Fifty years ago, the race for the moon was a another expression of the Cold War. Today, our satellite is more than ever the magnifying mirror of terrestrial stakes.
A new geopolitics of space is emerging, marked by the predominance of the economic prism. The idea of an economy of the Moon develops, of which the tenors of the private sector have made their new El Dorado. China, emerging countries, Europe, USA...

After two years of travelling around

Zik Truck has arrived in Paris

And crowned

the best singer in the Outremers


ZIK TRUCK is a global entertainment programme (TV, Web, radio) that highlights the musical talents of six overseas territories: Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, New Caledonia, French Polynesia and Réunion.

Theater release on december the 26th

Release of the documentary "Good" directed by Patrick Mario Bernard

featuring Rodolphe Burger

Ariane, a french challenge

Broadcasted by RMC in November

in association with RMC Découverte, the CNES, and the CU of Guiana

Car wars

Directed by Véronique Préaut et Guy Beauché

In coproduction with Golden Bridge Media (China)

Betty Davis, Nasty Gal

An Arte France - Native voice films coproduction

Directed by Phil Cox


Autrefois symbole du glamour tropical à Hollywood

puis longtemps considérée comme le summum de la ringardise,

la chemise hawaïenne fait son grand retour.

  Broadcasting on Nouvelle Calédonie 1ère on Tuesday, October 3rd

Et pour nous raconter cette belle success story, le journaliste Antoine Laguerre, passionné par Hawaï, est parti à Waikiki où elle est érigée au rang de patrimoine national. Première économie de l’île après le tourisme, cette chemise rapporte 500 millions de dollars par an au 50ème état américain.

En à peine 80 ans, les chemises hawaiiennes sont devenues l’icône des tropiques et se sont imposées comme un emblème de la culture pop. Inspirées des kimonos japonais et des imprimés floraux tahitiens, portées à l’origine par les surfeurs et les plagistes, elles ont conquis le monde. Depuis une dizaine d’années, elles reviennent en force. Les collectionneurs les ressortent de leurs écrins. Reflet de la diversité culturelle des îles du Pacifique, l’Aloha Shirt véhicule l’esprit des îles.

Food 3.0 - Techno Food

Will biotechnology feed all the world's inhabitants?

Researchers in Silicon Valley intend to manufacture synthetic animal proteins

to meet the growing demand for meat.

  Broadcasting on Planete + on Wednesday, May 24th

Silicon Valley billionaires have set out to save the planet from malnutrition and abolish animal suffering in slaughterhouses ... .. mayonnaise without eggs, cowless milk, shrimp without shrimp and meat without beef ... .. all a program. But then what will become of our farmers, breeders and our culture?