The Iron Curtain’s Secret Wars


March the 12th 2024 at 23:20

Claudia Cardinale

Broadcasted by ARTE

Directed by Emmanuelle Nobécourt and Erwan Bizeul


This is the story of a young girl who did not want to make a film and who became a myth of the 7th art. It is the story of an intimate and violent secret that shaped his dazzling career. It’s the story of Claudia Cardinale. It is worthy of a novel.

The battle for Airbus

French premiere - prime time

June the 27th 2023 on ARTE

1.5 Million viewers on youtube in a single month in France and Germany

Space Empires

Mega satellites constellations

June the 27th 2023 on ARTE

as well as july the 14th at 10:51AM

Space Wars

On Magellan TV US

On march the 2nd 2023

Are we on the edge of a space war ?

Four Seasons with the Pandas

On Ushuaia TV

On December 23, 2022

The Bayeux Tapestry Mysteries


on BBC4


The Bayeux Tapestry, still preserved in Normandy, is part of the World Heritage of UNESCO. It is a huge tapestry, or more exactly an embroidery of nearly 70 meters long recounting the invasion of the kingdom of England in 1066 by William, Duke of Normandy.