Space Empires

Space Empires

Constellations of thousands of satellites are beginning to orbit the Earth. Intended to provide global access to the Internet, they actually threaten the geopolitical balance on Earth. By settling in strategic orbits, they mark an appropriation of this part of Space by the United States. The rest of the world is trying to react to this major political issue: to keep its independence.
The objective of the film is to reveal the strong news around the deployment of satellite constellations, to understand the actors and the stakes that transform the near-Earth orbits into a new territory of geopolitical confrontation.

Partner(s) : ARTE, RTBF, RTS

Broadcaster(s) : ARTE - RTS - RSI - RTBF - SVT - ASHARQ

Director(s) : Véronique Préault Damien Vercaemer

Author(s) : Véronique Préault

Year : 2023

Duration : 52 minutes

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