Mission Artemis, a mega rocket to the moon

Mission Artemis, a mega rocket to the moon

In december 2022 the Americans have carried carry out the test flight of the SLS, the largest launcher ever built. This monumental machine is the keystone of the Artemis space programme, which is intended to put a man on the moon by 2025. But this launcher will be NASA’s last mastodon. Too big, too expensive, too difficult to build. Private companies are now also capable of developing rockets, at lower cost and quickly. But with the SLS, it is not a time for disruption, but a return to the era of great technological adventures, those that have left their mark on human history.

Partner(s) : Science et Vie TV

Broadcaster(s) : Science et Vie TV

Director(s) : Edward Beucler

Author(s) : Laurent Mini

Year : 2023

Duration : 52 minutes

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