USSR-Africa : love trips…

USSR-Africa : love trips…

They met in Leningrad, Moscow or Kiev. The men: African students in the USSR. The women met them and fell in love. Some of the girls followed the student of their heart back to Africa. Others, first seduced then abandoned, had to stay in the USSR In fact, this film is asking the simple question : does a mixed couple function differently from an ”ordinary” one or do we have to admit that the famous geneticist Albert Jacquart is right: ”I only know two races: men and women”.
Africa – Wedding – Adventure – Meeting

Partner(s) : Monteurs' Studio - NEVA

Broadcaster(s) : TMC - Planète - Canal + - Centre Cine TV - SSR - Canal Horizon - 10 patch

Director(s) : Brigitte Delpech, Karim Miske

Author(s) : Brigitte Delpech, Karim Miske

Year : 1991

Duration : 52 minutes