Women and science in Africa The silent revolution

Women and science in Africa         The silent revolution

They are specialists in nano-chemistry, molecular biology and astrophysics in Africa… these women want to change the place of women in their work, in their countries and in their continent, and the daily life of the people in their communities in a sustainable and reproducible way.

However, these women are often under-represented in their field and most of the time even absent from the development policies of their own countries. This injustice urges them to rally and act as they stand for the main, yet often neglected, part of human and economic resources of African society: a unique talent pool for science, technology and innovation.

This unprecedented documentary dives in the heart of this determined community of scientists who participate in the development of their continent and revolutionize the research community thanks to their relentless work and engagement in the empowerment of women in Africa and beyond.

Partner(s) : Canal + International , L'Oréal Fondation

Broadcaster(s) : Canal + international

Director(s) : Kate Thompson-Gorry

Author(s) : Kate Thompson-Gorry et Michel Welterlin

Year : 2019

Duration : 52 minutes

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