Bikini, Atomic parc

Bikini, Atomic parc

In 1946, the American military organised the greatest nuclear spectacle of the post-war era on bikini atoll in the South Pacific. They evacuated the atoll’s hundred or so inhabitants, and even now, fifty years on, the islanders have still not been able to return home. In the meantime Bikini is being transformed into a kind of nuclear theme park and has become the latest holyday destination for wealthy divers.
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Partner(s) : France 3

Broadcaster(s) : France 3 - Canal Satellite Numérique

Director(s) : Sophie Bontemps

Author(s) : Sophie Bontemps, Didier Portal

Year : 1996

Duration : 52 minutes

Festival(s) :
Festival Cine Eco (Seia - Portugal) 1997 - 1er Prix du Festival                                       Festival International du Film Maritime et d'Exploration (Toulon) 1997 - Mention d'honneur

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