The novel of Man – Two skulls for a man (2)

The novel of Man – Two skulls for a man (2)

With the Era of Neanderthal, comes the debate about the Feldhoffer cave discovery. In France, Otto Hauser made a strange discovery in Dordogne. Mrs Guimbaud still remembers it. It’s maybe the proof that the antediluvian man has existed. He would be old of – 50 0000 years. During the building of a railroad, 5 burials has been discovered. It’s the man of Cro-Magnon. Did he cohabit with Neanderthal?
Discovery – History

Partner(s) : ETC Production - Télé-Québec - Sovimages Inc. - La Cinquième

Broadcaster(s) : France 5 - RTVE

Director(s) : Stéphane Bégoin

Author(s) : Marcel Jullian

Year : 1997

Duration : 26 minutes

Festival(s) :

Académie Canadienne du Cinéma et de la TV (Montréal) 1998 - Prix Géneaux