Homo Sapiens: The inventor of dreams

Homo Sapiens: The inventor of dreams

Modern Man is 100,000 years old. In relation to the age of life on Earth, he has just appeared. His species is Homo Sapiens – ”wise human” according to scientists. But in what way is he wise? And what did he know 100,000 years ago? To find out, we make a tremendous, 100,000-year journey round the planet on the trail of the first Homo Sapiens. During this road movie, we come across archaeologists, ethnologists and geneticists, and meet the last societies of hunter-gatherers in every climate where Homo Sapiens has survived.
Science – Prehistory – Ethnology

Partner(s) : EMS Productions - Arte France - Cité Amérique

Broadcaster(s) : Arte, Films Media Group - Films for the humanities, RTV Slovenija, A&Y Associates Inc. / Kyltura TV Channel, Canal + Cyfrowy / Planète Poland, VEA - Video Education Australasia, Multithématiques / Planète, Instituto Latinoamerica de la Communicacion, Open

Director(s) : Stéphane Bégoin

Author(s) : Stéphane Bégoin, Maurice Ribière

Year : 1999

Duration : 65 minutes

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