Betty Davis, Nasty Gal

Betty Davis, Nasty Gal

Betty Davis changed the landscape for female artists in America. She “was the first” as former husband Miles Davis said.
An aspiring songwriter from a small steel town, Betty Mabry arrived on the scene to break boundaries for women with her daring personality, iconic fashion style and outrageous and challenging funk music. She befriended JIMI HENDRIX and SLY STONE, wrote songs for the CHAMBERS BROTHERS and the COMMODORES, and married MILES turning him from jazz to rock on the album she named “Bitches Brew” and then went on to ignite stages in the 70’s with her sassy hard rock bluesy funk, inspiring countless artists from PRINCE to ERYKAH BADU to KAREN O and PEACHES. Then she vanished…
This movie will trace the extraordinary ups and downs of Betty’s life and tell how she grew from humble upbringings to become a fully self-realized black female pioneer the world failed to understand or appreciate -revealing, finally, the mystery of her 30-year disappearance as she returns to public awareness at an all-star tribute concert planned for 2016.

Partner(s) : Native Voice Films - Arte France

Broadcaster(s) : Arte France

Director(s) : Phil Cox

Author(s) : Phil Cox

Year : 2018

Duration : 52 minutes minutes

Festival(s) :
IDFA 2017

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