Biology 2.0 – Series

Biology 2.0 – Series

The era of synthetic biology—building living matter from DNA and genes—will be a revolution for science. Just as synthetic chemicals have revolutionized industries for a number of years, a new form of synthetic science is about to change the way humans and scientists think about the living world. Biology 2.0 discovers what nature would never have made and what man is in the process of creating, modifying genetic code to create products as varied as bacteria that fight disease to synthetic leather for handbags.
This three-hour series travels around the globe to take viewers to the heart of this emerging science, from its promises and questions, to its discoveries and realizations, providing a unique opportunity to examine and evaluate the issues and stakes being raised. From the production of energy to new bio-materials, synthetic biology could usher in an era of greater efficiency, lower costs and reduced pollution in the 21st century, but at what cost?

Partner(s) : Fact+Film

Broadcaster(s) : France 5

Director(s) : Charles-Antoine de Rouvre et Jérôme Scemla

Author(s) : Charles-Antoine de Rouvre et Jérôme Scemla

Year : 2016

Duration : 3x52 minutes

Festival(s) :
- CAID Societas Scientia et ars (Athènes - Grèce)
- Pariscience (Paris - France)
- LSFF - Life Sciences Film Festival (Prague - République Tcheque)
- A nous de voir, Festival Sciences et cinema (Oullins - France)

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