Biologie 2.0 – Collection

Biologie 2.0 – Collection

From cell to organism, from molecule to ecosystem, the living abound…

Biology has endeavoured to observe this fascinating Nature, to understand and control it. Today, living engineers want to make new organisms. This is the challenge of Synthetic Biology. This techno-science, or biology 2.0, promises to solve our problems of health, environment, energy… Is it a new and ultimate industrial revolution? Can we rewrite the Book of Life, program it and use it as a machine?

The greatest researchers, stars of Synthesis Biology, open the doors of their ecosystems to us, from the snow-covered Canadian forests to the Brazilian countryside, including the mountains of the Sierra Nevada, European cities and Californian beaches… Throughout this scientific road movie, we discover what Nature would never have done, the biology of tomorrow.


Le Monde

Partner(s) : Fact+Film

Broadcaster(s) : France 5

Director(s) : Charles-Antoine de Rouvre et Jérôme Scemla

Author(s) : Charles-Antoine de Rouvre et Jérôme Scemla

Year : 2016

Duration : 3x52 minutes

Festival(s) :
SELECTED: - CAID Societas Scientia et ars (Athènes - Grèce) - Pariscience (Paris - France) - LSFF - Life Sciences Film Festival (Prague - République Tchèque) - A nous de voir, Festival Sciences et cinéma (Oullins - France) - International Festival of Science Documentary Films Academia Film (Olomouc - République Tchèque)

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