When History is as gripping as a detective fiction:
Back in the 19th century, when the British Empire and China were at war, a very special spy – Robert Fortune – left the UK to steal tea leaves and plant them in India in order to stop British dependency on Chinese tea… Is the real story of Great Britain’s theft of Chinese tea a shameful, unmentionable stain on the Empire’s reputation? Based on the newly unveiled memories of this peculiar 007, TEA WAR retells that incredible adventure thanks to interviews with experts, drama evocation, archives and computer graphics.

Partner(s) : ARTE France - Youku - Yuan Ying

Broadcaster(s) : ARTE France

Director(s) : Charles-Antoine de Rouvre et Jérôme Scemla

Author(s) : Charles-Antoine de Rouvre et Jérôme Scemla

Year : 2016

Duration : 90 minutes

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