The novel of Man – Africa, earth of the man (5)

The novel of Man – Africa, earth of the man (5)

Many signs show that Man would come from Africa. For example, in 1924 with the Desert of Kalahari (south Africa). Raymond Dart discovered the African australopithecus or pithecanthropus.
Moreover, in 1959 the Leakey, an Anglo-Saxons family of archaeologists found at Olduvai (Tanzania) a cranium. They hesitated to attribute it to the human or a monkey. It will be the Zinjanthrope (1,8 million years). This discovery confirms the Darwin’s thesis according what the human being could be descended from a hairy mammal.
Discovery – Existence – Prehistory

Partner(s) : ETC Production - Télé-Québec - Sovimages Inc. - La Cinquième

Broadcaster(s) : France 5 - RTVE

Director(s) : Philippe Piazza

Author(s) : Marcel Jullian

Year : 1997

Duration : 26 minutes

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Académie Canadienne du Cinéma et de la TV (Montréal) 1998 - Prix Géneaux