Voyage of the continents – Season 2 – Africa today

Voyage of the continents – Season 2 – Africa today

The recent African epic is the isolation of the continent into a single entity. The comings and goings with Asia will generate what makes the wealth of Arabia today: oil. For prospectors, the geological past and field observation are the key to success, and the Tethys is keeping Eurasia out of Africa for a while, but it will also disappear, leaving whale skeletons in the middle of the desert… an El Dorado for paleontologist Francis Duranthon.
Finally, the shock with Europe and Asia is inevitable, with repercussions from Gibraltar to Anatolia. Micro phenomena that Philippe Vernant and Yann Klinger read in the meanders of the rock.
But what tells the story of Africa today is the opening of a huge rift to the entire eastern part of the continent. Arabia leaves the continent, followed in the footsteps of Felicie Korastelev and Jordane Corbeau, then the ongoing opening of Palestine to Mozambique is a real open-air laboratory for Bernard Le Gall.
But this rift has not only influenced the geography and climatology of our planet. For Martin Pickford, he participated in the separation of man from the great apes and therefore would have allowed us to appear.

Partner(s) : Arte France

Broadcaster(s) : Arte France, Discovery Asie, Ushuaia TV

Director(s) : Alexis de Favitski

Author(s) : François Michel, Maurice Ribière, Marianne Cramer

Year : 2014

Duration : 52 minutes

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