Voyage of the continents – Season 2 – Africa origins

Voyage of the continents – Season 2 – Africa origins

Africa seems to be a young continent, as it has only been explored since the 19th century in its entirety. It is the first inhabited by Man, 2 million years ago, and yet the African continent was born during the early childhood of the Earth. A story that Steve Richardson tells us thanks to the information he gets from crushing diamonds.
After suffering a violent cosmic cataclysm in Vredefort, Rodger Hardt’s playground, Africa found itself caught in the middle of every continent in the southern hemisphere. The layers of land carved by the Fish River are an open book on this history.
Then, after a short trip to the South Pole that left its mark in the heart of the Namibian deserts that Nicole Ulrich travels through, she finally emancipated herself, abandoning Antarctica, Australia, South America, India and Madagascar one after the other, where Karen Samonds searches for the ancestors of lemurs involuntarily passing through the impact of the Earth’s wrath.

Partner(s) : Arte France

Broadcaster(s) : Arte France, Discovery Asie, Ushuaia TV

Director(s) : Alexis de Favitski

Author(s) : François Michel, Maurice Ribière, Marianne Cramer

Year : 2014

Duration : 52 minutes

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